Indigenous Partnerships

Empire is partnering with Indigenous organisations to promote and build on the land knowledge passed from generation to generation, and to provide strong connection to the demand to mitigate and treat current climate events. Further this ambition to endorse, promote and initiate deep interaction with enterprise and business that facilitates the Indigenous growth for independence, ambition and leadership for future generations.

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Carbon & Energy Partnerships

Empire Carbon and Energy have partnered with reputable and experienced professionals to create an “ecosystem” of deep and diverse, mutually supportive and complimentary knowledge, called greenXhub.

We assist businesses to navigate the complexities of transitioning to a low carbon world and provide a practical pathway that creates value whilst mitigating risk. A combined 35yrs experience specialising in the implementing of sustainability and the development of carbon strategies for large multi-national businesses.

Our team has a broad skillset for undertaking any Carbon or Energy related mandate

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Oztron Energy is a Perth based Engineering Company specializing in providing products and services to the Renewable Energy industry. It was established in 2013 by industry experts with more than 20 years’ experience in Renewable Energy.

Our engineers have both utility and renewable energy experience and can address problems which others find challenging. Our solutions are highly attuned to the appropriate regulatory and technical requirements. Our goal is to provide the advantage of high quality and cost effective engineering to projects of all sizes to ensure the best solution for our customers.

Oztron Website

Positive Off-Grid Solutions Pty Ltd (POGS) is a Bunbury-based renewable energy technology business that provides a series of products and services that enable customers to reduce their dependency on grid-supplied energy, participate in the lucrative and rapidly evolving energy market, and access reliable energy in remote areas.

Positive Off-Grid Solutions Website

KIG Energy Pty Ltd, is an Australian Company that has developed a KIG Re-Deployable MicroGrid for Australian conditions. Provides Natural Power through Green Energy Locally.

Member Australian MicroGrid Centre of Excellence (AMCOE)

KIG Energy Website